Dog & Cat Grooming

Grooming charges vary depending on the services rendered, the condition of your pets coat and their temperment.  A consultation is provided at the time of the appointment.  Full grooming includes brush and comb out, bathing, chamomile facial, deep conditioning, fluff drying, nail clip & dremmel, paw pad clipping,  ear & eye cleaning, sanitary area buzz  & complete hair cut. 


All prices are estimates only and subject to change

Full Grooming For Dogs:

X-small: Tea cup breeds $55

Smalln(w/ hair cut): Miniature Poodle, Mini Dachshund $60

Small (no hair cuts): Chihuahua, French Bull $45  Jack Russell, Mini Dachshund $50

Mid-size: Mini Schnauzers, Cairn Terriers, Shih Tzus: $65 

Cocker Spaniel: $70  Mini-doodle: $75+

Mid-size (no hair cuts): English Bulldogs, Pit Bulls  $60

Large (no hair cuts): Labs & Boxers $60, Retrievers: $70+,

Retriever with trim: $75   full cut: $90+

German Shepherd / Husky (no hair cuts): $80+

Large: Doodles, Wheaten Terriers, Australian Shepherd:  $90+

Giant (no haircut):  Great Pyranese, Bernese Mountain, Newfoundlands:  $100 +   (with haircut) $130+

Add-Ons with Grooming:

Natural Flea & Tick Bath (no chemicals): $30 (add on)

Skunk Bath: $50 (add on)

Anal Gland Expression: $15

De-Shedding: $15 + up

Mat Removal: $15 + up

Teeth Brushing: $5

Hand Stripping: $60/hr

Ala Carte:

Nail clipping & Dremmel: $15

Ear Cleaning: $5

Face / Eye Trim: $15

Bath & Fluff Dry:  Call for Price


Brush & Comb Out, Nails, Ear Cleaning,  Shampoo & Fluff Dry: $ 70

All of the Above with Hair Cut (Trim or Lion Cut) :   $ 90

Mat Removal with Groom: $ 15 + up

Natural Flea & Tick Bath: $30 (add on)

Skunk Bath: $ 50 (add on)

Nail Clipping: $ 15